About This Site
As a long-time fan of another Peruvian singer, Yma Sumac, I first heard Wara Wara on a cassette tape that was sent to me many years ago by Robert Covais, a good friend and one of the producers of Yma Sumac's 1971 Miracles come-back LP. I loved what I heard but the cassette contained many other fine Peruvian singers too so it took some time before I discovered who it was with such a wonderful voice. Since then I have been a fan.

Because I run SunVirgin.com, the original, oldest and by far the most complete site about Yma Sumac, I decided to take what little information I had about Wara Wara and post it online for others to enjoy.  This site was originally to be based on SunVirgin.com's simple Other Performers of Interest page about Wara Wara but then I realized that I had a few other interesting items to share too, so those have also been posted. I also have several more recent articles but copyrights prevent them being posted here.

The site name, judithacuna.com, came about because both warawara.com and wara-wara.com already exist as unrelated sites.  These more obvious names were not available.

Wara Wara has also agreed in helping with the site with the following wonderful letter that arrived Easter week 2009:

My dear and great friend, Don. I am so delighted that you were pleased with the signed photo and also happy with your decision to start the website for me, which I regard as a gift from heaven. I shall try, with the help of my daughter Miryam who, although she is a doctor and very busy, is very interested in my well-being, to get some material together which you can use. Once again thank you a thousand times over for this wonderful gift.
We shall be in contact. Love to the family and may you have a peaceful week in this holy week.

I hope you enjoy this small tribute to a wonderful, loving and very talented singer! If other fans see this site and have photos, articles or other information to share, please contact me! Also, this site was fully reprogrammed in early 2017 after someone managed to hack into its database and more security added in late 2018 so if you see anything not working, please also let me know!

Don Pierson