Wara Wara in Russia
Peruvian Star Burning Bright in Russia
Wara Wara in Russia
Wara Wara in Moscow with the world-
famous Red Square in the background
Of all Peruvian artists, Wara Wara ("little star") is the one who has travelled the world the most. And this is perfectly natural given that she has one of the most spectacular voices that Peru has bequeathed to lyrical music. She has a vocal range stretching beyond four octaves, which is quite a remarkable feat when you bear in mind that a professional singer generally has a range of only two and a half octaves.

As proof that "nobody is a prophet in their own country," Wara Wara's star only really began to burn bright when she decided to travel abroad with the Trio Peru.

Since 1957, the most prestigious theatres and the most famous cities in the world have been captivated by the Peruvian diva and the magic of her voice. Audiences in Miami, Washington, Athens, Belgrade, Rome, Paris, Monaco, Monte Carlo, Lisbon, Tel Aviv, Casablanca, Tangiers, Madrid etc have been enthralled by Wara Wara, acknowledging her as one of the greatest coloratura sopranos in the world. However, she regards the most important concerts of her professional career to have been the ones she gave in the Soviet Union in 1969 and 1970. Under contract with Gosconcert she travelled to all the Soviet Republics, giving more than 70 concerts.

A renowned Russian critic said "she is a phenomenal artist whose presence and beautiful voice captivated the whole auditorium."

In recognition of her magnificent concerts abroad and all she has done to publicize Peruvian folklore, VEA TV is paying a deserved tribute to an artist who has become our best musical ambassador.

Wara Wara appears on Channel 4.